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Working together to make sense of different ways of understanding leadership, management and organisational challenges.


We believe there is no “quick-fix” solution; this work is challenging and time-consuming and so we favour developing partnering relationships over an extended period of time.

When we work with organisations, every interaction is unique. We pay attention to what is going on and use our experience to think about how best to respond and support organisations in the face of constant change and uncertainty.

We don’t think there is a right method or model. There are multiple viable ways forward and as consultants, we use our practical judgement to decide on which approach to take; always building on our wealth of experience and knowledge.

Working with groups and individuals,
we look through the lenses of:



review the quality and impact of systems, structures, conditions and processes that are continually formed by groups of individuals and, simultaneously, enable and constrain behaviours and practices within the organisation. 



understand and evolve the quality of leadership throughout the organisation. Leadership comprises skilful participation which is highly unpredictable and political. We support leaders to take notice and learn and become better at what they do.



Teams are defined by their co-created habits, practices, principles and conditions. We hold a mirror for groups to reflect and encourage them to more deliberately work and experiment with their ways of working.

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The best way to find out how our work might support your organisation is to chat with us so we can better understand your context and needs.

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Org-wide Virtual Engagement Events

We strongly believe you have all the expertise, knowledge and ideas you need already within your own organisation to come out of the other side of Covid stronger and ...
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Improving Virtual Collaboration In Teams

More and more of our work is happening online, and yet often our experiences of working virtually are unsatisfactory. The technology available is only a fraction of the ...
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Upgrading Virtual Work Processes

Improve your virtual team experiences. We can help you improve the quality of the virtual work you already do. We have years of experience supporting organisations ...
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Remote Team Effectiveness

There is often a strong focus on an individual's leadership ability, yet organisations are a social process, so an individual is as much shaped by the group as it shapes ...

Leadership Development

We work in partnership with leadership teams to support a conversation that focusses on finding a way for people to more effectively connect with and pay attention to ...
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Culture Change Programmes

If you want to change culture you have to change the conversations that are happening at any one time in the organisation - or at least the majority of them. And ...
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Strategy Development and Implementation

Working with strategy is a much more iterative process than we might think. By experimenting and improvising we can constantly adapt how we enact strategy in order to ...
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Executive Coaching

We work with leaders of organisations and support them to pay attention to their habitual patterns of behaviours and practices - raising awareness of their effectiveness ...

Family Dynamics in Organisations

Family businesses often bring additional dynamics to the table. We help the leadership and ownership of family businesses to better process their experience of being a ...
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