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Collaboration Accelerators

Building skills and capability for collaborating in complexity at scale is essential for longer-term impact and success.

RISE Collaboration Accelerators (RCAs) are a suite of experiences bringing together small groups of people representing and/or leading different parts of an organisation or sector.

An RCA experience intends to:

✔ Deepen trust and connection across a diverse group of stakeholders

Call into question current ways of being and working around a theme or critical issue

Critically engage around the role we play individually and collectively in making a difference (or not)

Develop the skills to improve the way we collaborate in complexity

Support each other to experiment with and learn from different ways of enacting change.

We take a complexity-informed approach to change and leadership development. This means we see collaboration as a complex social process with no "right way" to work together.

Therefore, we focus on deepening levels of awareness of self, others and wider influencing context and improving our relational skillset so we can best adapt and respond for greater impact.

This relational skill set can only be developed over time through continual critically reflective practice and experimentation. 

The RCA is often used as a way to launch self-sustaining peer learning networks across an organisation. 

Following the facilitated experience of the RCA, with a small amount of training and implementation support groups can continue in a peer learning group experience as a way to continue deepening the quality of reflective practice as well as trust and connection with one another. 

Peer Learning Groups are often re-mixed on an annual basis as a way to establish increasing nodes of connection across an organisation.

Better ways of being and working together on

Topical themes & complex challenges


In an ideal world, the skills for great collaboration would be given investment and attention before we land in the fire. And yet, we don't live in an ideal world. A Collaboration Accelerator enables intact teams or multi-stakeholder groups to develop quickly, even in the midst of complex challenges where collaboration is crucial. Previous areas of focus have been:

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