Resilient Leader

A 6-month experience to explore ways of building resilience and supporting your well-being in high-pressure and emotionally demanding contexts.  Slow down, connect to yourself and others, and build the inner practices to lead better in complexity.

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Resilience is about our inner capacity for presence, connection and awareness.

Leading in today's ever-changing, always-connected, complexity-filled environments can take its toll. The demands to perform, deliver, and keep up can leave us feeling depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed and unsure. To "just keep pushing through" is unsustainable and has an impact on our collective sense of well-being and our ability to bring our best. 

Looking after our well-being has to be more than tokenistic activities or surface-level solutions. It requires us to re-think the way we respond to situations and take responsibility as leaders to develop ourselves so we are best able to be there for others.

About the experience


Over the course of 6 group sessions (a mix of in-person and virtual), we will focus on key aspects of resilience and well-being, creating space and providing tools for connection and learning with others in your group.


🌱 Greater understanding of individual patterns and tendencies

🌱 Clearer practices to support your well-being and resilience

🌱 Better able to support others you are leading and working with

🌱 Connection and relationship to peers facing similar challenges


If you're interested in this experience but would like to talk to someone first, book a time to chat with one of the programme facilitators Jemma.

This programme is for leaders in challenging roles who are looking for better ways of being and leading in complex, high-pressure environments. 

£1,950 per person excluding VAT

🌎 We donate 1% to environmental projects as part of our 1% for the planet commitment.

🎁 Charities receive a 20% discount.

✋If the cost is prohibitive, but you are keen to participate, let's discuss.

We also run this programme in-house; if this is something you're interested in, complete the form below. 

✨"Unexpectedly therapeutic"

✨"The techniques provided throughout the programme have been invaluable."

✨"It helped me see how I can adapt my leadership approach."

✨"Knowing others feel similar tensions feels liberating."

✨"This just wasn't a tokenistic approach, so grateful for this opportunity

✨"A safe space to take off the masks!"

This programme can be run in-house or as part of a wider accelerator or development programme.  We work with you to tailor the programme to meet your leaders' and organisation's needs.

The experience is hosted by 2 experienced RISE facilitators, all of whom have had many years working with clients supporting individuals and groups with their inner development. 

The details

Programme Overview

The programme starts with an in-person session for the whole cohort (up to 12 people) and then splits into 2 PLGs (Peer Learning Groups) for the 4 virtual sessions, before coming back together again for the final, in-person closing session.

Exploring Your Resilience & Learning

1 hour 1:1 virtual session
An initial 1-1 session to connect with a programme facilitator and explore your experience of resilience. Think together about your developmental goals as a leader, and how you might best engage with the programme to address them in the weeks to come.

Launch: Connection & Resilience

This half-day, in-person session (located somewhere in or near London) brings the group together for the first time and starts to explore our current understanding of well-being and resilience and our individual experiences.

It focuses on deepening awareness and connection of ourselves and each other and sets the peer learning groups up for the rest of the programme. 

The Masks We Wear

2-hour virtual facilitated peer group session

The masks we wear can both hide and reveal parts of ourselves to the world. This session helps to get beneath these masks and look at where they can be helpful and perhaps where they can also get in the way and take a lot of energy.

Leading in Uncertainty

2-hour virtual facilitated peer group session

Leading in uncertainty is hard. This session unpacks and challenges long-held views about the role of an organisation and the practice of leadership and perhaps how this mindset is unsuitable for the reality we find ourselves in today.

Different Ways of Knowing

2-hour virtual facilitated peer group session

We can't just think our way to resilience (although many books would suggest otherwise!). Listening to the signals presented by our nervous system play an important role in leadership resilience. This session looks at the different states of the nervous system and helps us to see how to better regulate and respond - rather than react - to our experiences.

Leading with Connection

2-hour virtual facilitated peer group session

How does a leader find the energy, resources, and strength of presence to co-create, engage, and bring people into challenging situations on a daily basis? No one can do this alone. Explore the role of connection and relationship and why it's core to resilience.


So what, now what?

Half day, in-person close

Come together to reflect on your individual and collective experience. Explore the very real tensions and blockers that might impact your ability to put your new understanding into practice and offer feedback and reflections to your peers in supported conversations.

Extra bits
  • IN-BETWEEN SESSIONS: Participants receive recommended resources and prompts to support reflection and learning in between sessions and are connected to each other through a collaborative platform of the group's choice.
  • LOCATION: The exact location of the in-person sessions will be determined based on the group but will be within England, UK. Typically within or on the outskirts of London.
  • IN-HOUSE BESPOKE DESIGN: If you’re running this experience in-house, the format of the experience can be adjusted to suit your needs and focus.
  • OPTIONAL COACHING: Some participants choose to also have a series of one-to-one coaching to help them implement what they are learning throughout the experience. We have seen this have a very positive impact on the long-term success of the leaders. 


Download brochure

We're excited to offer Resilient Leader as an open programme and hope you can join us. Download the brochure to find out more.

Upcoming Experiences

- Launch April 2024
- Monthly virtual sessions
- Closing session October 2024
Exact dates and times are flexible to group preference.

- Launch September 2024
- Monthly virtual sessions
- Closing session March 2025
Exact dates and times are flexible to group preference.