We're a Consultancy and Community of Practice

on a mission to enable great
leadership and collaboration

to more sustainably and effectively 
meet the complex challenges
in our organisations and beyond.

Our Principles. Our Story  Our Values

Principle 1

Collaboration is Human

Collaboration is a human experience, one that can feel full of energy, creativity and progress, and at times, can also feel frustrating, challenging, and draining.

We work with all of this reality, helping people to reflect on and process the fulfilling, but often tricky experiences of working together with others to achieve something great.

Principle 2

Collaboration is Complex

Despite what mainstream management theories might have us believe, there are no clear solutions or answers for improving the way in which we work and learn with others. 

The fact that collaboration involves people (see principle 1) means that it is an inherently complex process, and that means we must first acknowledge this complexity and then work to explore ways of being more skilful in this reality. 

Principle 3

Collaboration is Critical

We face increasingly complex social and environmental challenges, in our organisations and more broadly in society and globally. The only way we address these challenges is to collaborate more effectively together.

Better collaboration is not a nice to have, it is essential to meet the complex challenges of our time. We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable, human and collaborative society and to be a force for good for people and the planet.

Our story

The journey we've been on

Founded in 2012, we're a community of consultants, business leaders, facilitators and coaches with a core purpose of supporting people to work and learn better together (collaborate) to meet the challenges they face within and beyond their organisations. 

"Rise Beyond beliefs and borders", was our founding principle, with the idea that in order to meet the complex challenges we face globally, we must collectively evolve our current perspectives, embrace diversity, and work better together across borders. 

Over the last ten years, we have been an experimental community of practice, exploring different ways of being, thinking and working together whilst working alongside clients on areas related to their people, culture and collaboration challenges (and opportunities).

Through supportive critical friending, peer learning approaches, facilitated group experiences and individual development work; we work together with our clients to acknowledge complexity, raise awareness, develop reflective capacity and become more skilful at working together.

Our Services

What matters to us

Curiosity, Connection, Challenge & Care

Whether in our work with clients or together in our community of practice, these are the ways of being together that matter most and make us who we are. 

  • We focus on building trusted relationships with each other and the people we work with.

  • We bring curiosity and inquiry to our conversations and the way we work together.

  • We provide challenge and provocation to help shift our ways of thinking and understanding.

  • We take care of each other in the work, which at times can be vulnerable, exposing and tricky to stay in.

Committed to making a
positive difference to our planet.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

For every new client, we fund an equivalent of 1 tCO2 removal via a certified climate project fund. Find out more.