What we stand for

Our mission is to enable better ways of being and working together in our organisations and beyond.

Why it matters


It's not only possible, it's necessary.

Our current systems and ways of working are causing increasing fragmentation, exhaustion, inequality, and degradation of our environments - we can do better, and we must.

Our Values

Ways of being together

The nature of our work can often mean we're gently calling out stories and hidden dynamics that are entrenching unhelpful patterns of behaviour in our organisations and beyond. This can feel exposing and tricky to stay in, which is why we take great care to practice these ways of being together, within our own organisation and with our clients. But, we're certainly not perfect!


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Making it happen

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team dedicated to improving how we understand and work together. We have a variety of backgrounds and expertise, and our experience spans the commercial, academic and technical.  



Get to know us and our consultants
How we're organised

A Community of Practice

We believe that how we work is as important as what we do. Our Community of Practice creates a ‘sandpit’ for us to play and experiment in, exposing us to the challenges of collaboration and the reality of complexity faced by our clients on a day-to-day basis. Whether explicitly exploring our interpersonal dynamics and development or experimenting with approaches to shared governance... this way of working together, allows us to continuously evolve ourselves and our practice and deliver added value to our clients and projects. 


Our Story

The journey we've been on

Founded in 2012, "Rise Beyond beliefs and borders", was our founding principle, with the idea that in order to meet the complex challenges we face in our organisations and more globally, we must notice, think and act differently, together across borders. 

Over the last ten years, we have developed an experimental community of practice that explores different ways of being, thinking and doing together alongside clients in order to shift the way we understand and interact in the workplace.

Our Services

1% for the planet

Committed to making a
positive difference to our planet.

  We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

From 2024, 1% of our revenue is donated to certified climate projects and
for every new client, we fund an equivalent of 1 tCO2 removal via a certified climate project fund.
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Networks & Communities


We are a member, contributor and supporter of several networks and communities. 

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