The Collaboration Compass

An approach to collaboration that helps groups to deepen relationships, enhance well-being, improve critical thinking and accelerate progress, together.


What is the Collaboration Compass?

The Collaboration Compass is our evolving understanding of the skills required to work better together in complexity. 

The process of collaboration is complex, human, and critical. It requires better conversations, drawing on and learning from our diverse experiences and perspectives, and taking small, iterative actions to progress on key issues. The skills required for us to do this well require investment, time, and attention, which, in today's fast-paced, quick-fix world, can feel counterintuitive. Our work is to help advocate for and build collaborative capacity in our organisations and beyond, so we can face our biggest challenges more effectively, together. 

How is it useful for your organisation?

Many organisations are looking to improve the quality of collaboration within and beyond their leadership teams. They know it is critical to their longer-term success, but knowing where to focus or invest is not straightforward.

Building collaborative capacity by applying the compass to your everyday interactions, meetings, leadership programmes and people initiatives can make a meaningful impact. Using it as a re-orientation tool to continue checking in on how you're working together and what could be better can really make a difference. 

The work with RISE gave us a real sense that we’re all in this together. It helped us to stop thinking of ourselves as leaders running individual parts of the business and instead a single unit of leaders who together get the job done.

Customer Experience Director Real Estate Client

Our strategy has recently been transformed. RISE really helped us not only to shape this strategy but also support a people engagement plan that helped "to get them on the bus" in a better way than we've done previously.

Development Director Construction Client

Our leadership team now really get the need for shared ownership, shared decision making and a completely collaborative approach to all parts of our business. Not only that, it's become a reality not just a strategic idea!

CEO Property Client
Exploring the compass

What influences the impact of our work together?

Learn more about the skills needed to enable high-quality collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders. The compass is the result of wide ranging and ever-evolving conversations drawing from our experiences as practitioners, our client work, and the theory and research from an array of disciplines.