A RISE Guide

Collaboration Compass 

What it takes to work better together in a complex world.

Colllaboration Compass Guide Playbook WebsiteAs leaders in organisations, we're up against it. Responding appropriately and effectively to daily demands while navigating ever-changing macro factors can take its toll. In addition, rethinking 'business as usual' to genuinely consider People and Planet alongside Profit often involves making important trade-offs. There are no "right" answers and no clear ways forward. It is complex. We are leading in complexity

So, how can we find our way?

Many of us still rely on management and leadership approaches that continue to glorify control and order, presenting silver-bullet solutions that often fall short in reality. We need a more realistic and pragmatic approach to leadership and change, and to do this, collaboration matters.

What's inside?

  • Introduction to the RISE Collaboration Compass
  • Informing concepts: Purpose, Me-We Dynamic, Web of Complexity
  • The 4 domains of action: Being, Thinking, Relating, Doing
  • The habits and practices to build capacity for better Presence, Connection, Sense-making and Progress

This guide distils our years of learning from supporting people and organisations of all kinds to build capacity for more effective collaboration.

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