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Collaborative Strategy & Culture Change


Engaging cross-sections of the organisation in strategy and culture change initiatives is critical for the project's longer-term success. 

Enabling a collaborative approach not only achieves greater buy-in but also improves the quality of thinking and decision-making by drawing effectively from a range of perspectives, functions and regions that ultimately lead to greater success of the project or initiative.

We worked alongside you to think through how best to invite and engage a cross-section (or all) of the organisation in the change initiative. Whether related to strategy, people, a merger or acquisition or a transition in leadership, we help you to encourage participation from all those that will be impacted.

This helps to harness the collective intelligence and creativity of the people within the organisation, as well as ensuring transparency of information, autonomy, and better outcomes. 

We take a multi-faceted approach, which can include surveys, focus groups, workshops, training sessions and facilitated cross-functional peer group forums. Our conversational style helps people to share their perspectives and ideas towards the proposed change and engage groups in thinking through risks, concerns, dilemmas and possibilities. 

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