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Senior Team Development


The effectiveness of the senior team is a key determining factor for success and impact.


We support Executive and Senior Leadership Teams to reflect and accelerate their ways of being and working together, paying attention to team dynamics and individual behaviours and supporting critical conversations. 

Better understanding of group dynamics and stuck patterns.

Through our work together, we will help you to better notice and speak to the underlying patterns in your interactions with one another. So much of what holds us back is the interpersonal relationship dynamics that exist between us. These are often tricky to acknowledge and harder to shift, but necessary if a group is to work effectively together.

Better Quality Conversations

Whether at offsite or in your regular executive or leadership meetings, we help you improve the quality of conversation through thoughtful design and facilitation. So much time and energy is wasted on ineffective meetings and away days that don't get to the conversations that matter!

Our approach can vary depending on the client, but in this type of work we tend to:

  • facilitate critical conversations
  • support awareness and shared understanding of individual and collective patterns and group dynamics
  • support teams in transition
  • help clarify ways of working
  • work with individuals on key areas for development

We take a complexity-informed approach to change and leadership development. This means we understand leadership to be a complex and participatory practice with no "one way" to lead.

Therefore, we focus on deepening levels of awareness of self, others and wider influencing context and improving our relational skillset so we can best adapt and respond for greater impact.

This relational skill set can only be developed over time through continual critically reflective practice and experimentation. 

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