Megan Taylor.

London, UK

About Megan...

Megan began her career as a professional dancer, training in the UK and NYC before performing around the world. Whilst dancing she grew interested in the professional dance community and how individuals were supporting one another with their professional and personal development, beyond their technical dance ability. At 21, she started a network for dancers providing more explicit training and support at which point she trained as a coach and focussed on designing learning programmes and events. 

In 2015, Megan joined her father, Simon Preston at RISE with a curiosity for whether her skills and interest in people development were transferable across industries - turns out dancers and CEO's are pretty similar - just people grappling with how to be better in their day to day challenges - same as her! She has enjoyed the exposure and experience of being involved in the founding stages of RISE and feels proud of the community of consultants they have curated together and the impact they seem to be having with their clients. 

Megan completed her MSc in People and Organisational Development at Roffey Park Institute in 2019 and is also the Founder of the education charity Move The World. 

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Passions and Interests

Alongside her work growing the RISE community and working with RISE clients, Megan is a pretty active woman.

As the founder of Move The World, Megan spends a lot of her time supporting the strategic growth of the charity and its small team in the UK and in Ghana. Getting to visit the global citizenship programmes they have running in schools in Ghana gives her a lot of joy and inspiration.

Other interests include dappling with impact investment opportunities, something she's keen to expand on in the future - investing in businesses that aim to have a positive social impact on the world. She enjoys travelling with her husband and friends and most of all enjoying good wine at home in London, especially when the weather is good!