We live in an environment of increasing disruptive risk as a consequence of our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Our ability to collaborate on complex problems across global diversity is one of the fundamental limiting factors in the quest for global sustainability. This collaboration challenge is faced by all groups that have a common purpose stretching beyond beliefs and borders.

About RISE

RISE is a management consultancy specialising in collaboration which was founded in 2011 by Simon Preston. Over the years we have developed a robust and proprietary methodology to embed world class collaboration within client organisations. RISE has been externally acknowledged by UK CIPD (2014 and 2016) and YPO (2015) for its innovation in the field of collaboration.

Our Approach

Proprietary Methodology

RISE emerged from an exploration around what is required to achieve a sense of flow in collaboration for people who have a shared sense of common purpose. The RISE framework and approach to the meta challenge of collaboration is proprietary, yet within this we use tools and models that are globally recognised as leading in their fields.

Our approach helps to break down artificial barriers created by diverse geographies and culture, enabling members to connect more meaningfully with each other on a peer to peer level.

Build and hold the 'container' for transformation

There is plenty of knowledge on what constitutes good collaboration, yet less on how to bring this about. RISE creates the container within which purpose, trust and aligned habits and practices can grow and be sustained. The outcome is a transformation in the ability to collaborate.

Always working on the clients most significant challenges

When we partner with our clients, we always enable the client to make progress on their most important challenges. By introducing smarter approaches to the collaborative process and encouraging constant experimentation, effective solutions to complex challenges emerge.

Masters of the peer-group process

The habits and practices required to achieve a sense of flow in collaboration are learnt through a peer-group process, typically with peers who are diverse in terms of geography, expertise and experience. Through smart use of the peer-group process in large and small-groups, we achieve an alignment in these habits and practices, underpinned by shared experiences and a common language.

Blending the virtual and the in person

RISE work with clients is typically a blend of 70% virtual and 30% in-person. In-person time can be limited, within geographically dispersed organisations and communities, due to time and cost restraints. RISE has developed solutions to support high trust peer-group learning through video-conferencing, supported by other online tools. This enables RISE to create a container of support and accountability over a timescale within which the conditions for collaboration can take root.

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