Gita-Marie Goldman.

Bucharest, Romania

About Gita...

Gita is an experienced facilitator, consultant and coach who is fascinated by what it means to be human and how this plays out in organisational life. She started her change consulting adventures 12 years ago working on complex transformation programmes at Cancer Research UK and the United Nations. Over time she found that mainstream approaches to ‘managing change’ did not fit with the messy complex reality people were living. Since then she has been experimenting with developmental approaches that embrace this messy reality and acknowledge that we are human beings not machines.
Gita’s passion is supporting people in understanding themselves, how they experience others and facilitating conversations that enable new connections, perspectives and practices. She aims to bring warmth, empathy, curiosity and a sense of humour to whatever she does and firmly believes that serious work can be fun and that fun work can be serious!


Gita-Marie Goldman
Toly - Malta

Passions and interests

As well as supporting others in their own learning and development, Gita is committed to doing this for herself. She is always on the hunt for a new learning experience be it through personal reflection, conversation... or a good old book! She has an MSc in People and Organisation Development and a first class degree from Oxford University.

Gita is from the UK but is currently based in Bucharest, Romania with her husband and two young daughters until 2021. She feels privileged to be exploring this beautiful country and is excited about what this side of Europe has to offer.