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Madelanne Rust-D’Eye

Madelanne is a somatic psychotherapist, an experiential educator, and a facilitator of complex group processes. She enables individuals and organisations to chew through the tricky stuff; to get in touch with what’s at the heart of personal and organisational challenges, to build skills and change behaviour, and to carve out more satisfying grooves.

Madelanne brings flexibility and agility to her consulting work, with an emphasis on asking the right questions to evolve responsive, context-specific solutions to organisational challenges. At the same time, she also draws from – and creates with her RISE colleagues – resources and theoretical frameworks which can fast-track a group’s progress. She believes that both elements - responsiveness and appropriate structures - are required to bring about lasting change in group systems.

Having started her career in psychology, she was first invited to bring her work to organisations in 2015, when her skills as a group facilitator were sought out by groups attempting to integrate more participatory leadership models. Since then, her professional portfolio has expanded rapidly to include grassroots and corporate clients from across the UK and Europe.

What they bring to their work

deep listening and understanding, playfulness



  • MA Counselling Psychology (Naropa University, 2013)
  • Warburtons
  • GG Hospitality
  • Scan Computers
  • Transition Network
  • Mustardseed Trust
  • The Active Wellbeing Society
  • Write to Freedom
  • The New Findhorn Association

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“Apart from feeling challenged in each workshop I also valued the amount of humor and play Madelanne was able to offer. Her creativity and flexibility helped to match participants' needs and create a cohesive group experience.”

“Madelanne brought authenticity, sensitivity, acceptance and her big heart to each workshop! She is a real gift.”

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