Impact Leaders Circles

Impact Leaders Circles

Peer Learning Groups for extraordinary social sector leaders.

Bringing together leaders of social sector organisations to meet, share and connect in a confidential environment of respect and trust.

What is an impact circle?

A committed and confidential peer group experience

Every leader needs somewhere to turn for insight and perspective only trusted peers can provide. This exciting initiative is bringing together leaders of social sector organisations to meet, share and connect in a confidential environment of respect and trust.

Leaders of social sector organisations bear a heavy responsibility for delivering their mission, whilst facing a multitude of challenges and competing priorities that can't easily be resolved. An impact Leaders Circle will support to:

  • Explore and work on challenges, while developing critical relational and leadership skills
  • Use reflection to enhance individual, organisational and sector resilience
  • Learn from their experiences and explore habits and practices to be more effective
  • Develop a strong support network reducing isolation, and creating long-term friendships.


Getting into the details...

Who is it for?

Impact Leaders Circles are for CEOs, Executive Directors, and leaders of social sector organisations who are dedicated to making the world a better place and recognise the power of peer learning as a catalyst for professional and personal growth.

How does it work?

Impact Leaders Circles foster meaningful relationships, support collaboration and cultivate leadership best practices enabling more supported, connected and resourced leaders to more effectively address society's biggest challenges.

You would be one of 6-8 social sector leaders in your circle.

Your circle would meet monthly, typically for around 3 hours, in a confidential environment.
  • We know your time is valuable & extremely limited. Circle participation however often helps participants gain perspective and maintain their priorities, focus, and balance throughout the rest of the month. It may feel counterintuitive, but often when we are extremely busy that is exactly when it is most important to take the time to pause and reflect.

  • In fact, these circles can save you time as you learn from the successes and failures of other leading peers.

With the support of a structured process and agenda, members discuss professional & personal challenges and opportunities and learn from each other’s experiences.

Many leaders are fortunate to have a trusted group of friends, family & colleagues who can offer advice and support them in times of need. A leaders circle provides an important complement to those relationships, and is different because:
  • Its structure and protocols ensure you can efficiently and effectively address important issues, in a way that informal conversations may not allow.

  • It offers you new and fresh perspectives from peers who are often more qualified than other confidants.

  • It's on your calendar. The discipline of impact circles ensures that you regularly step back and reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going.

The peer groups are self-facilitated with training and support from RISE.

Each Impact Leaders Circle is supported with matched funding from Oglesby Charitable Trust.

Year 1: Participant fee: £600, with £600 match funding from the Oglesby Charitable Trust

Year 2 and beyond: Annual fee of around £600

Fees go towards RISE training and support of peer groups, particularly in the launch year, with additional coaching and resources where required.

Inspired by

20+ years of experience

It is proven that creating spaces to support connection, sharing and learning between peers makes a tangible impact on the quality of leadership, decision making and collaboration. Not to mention an important space for emotional support and reassurance.

This initiative is inspired by a collective 20+years of experience of participating in, and supporting peer learning approaches for leaders and organisations:

Facilitated by

RISE Logo (Grey)

RISE Beyond provides guidance, structure and support during the initiation phase of your new collaborative journey.

Sponsored by
The Oglesby Charitable Trust provides match funding for your place in a Impact Leaders Circle


Guidance from

logo _200
Calo provides advice and support from their experience of successfully rolling out this type of initiative for third-sector leaders in Israel.

Let's get going...

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Step 2

We will be in touch to schedule an initial exploratory 1:1 where we can answer your questions and get a sense of your experience.


Step 3

Once we agree on the next steps, we will place you into a Circle and send the relevant information for the launch process.