Community of consultants

A diverse community of practice and learning

We are a community of independent consultants, curious about working with people and organisations differently. We're critical, progressive thinkers, constantly exploring and developing new approaches together.

We work alongside our clients, supporting critical conversations, overcoming challenges, and realising opportunities. Not only are we interested in supporting ways to work better together, but we're interested in learning - yours and ours. 

Thinking and working differently, together

Meet our Community

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Learning with and from each other

What we're doing


We use our diverse experience from a range of fields - psychology, sociology, business, geography, the public sector and the arts - and we work to explore and better understand what happens when people get together to collaborate around a common purpose; using our experience of being together in RISE as our live laboratory.   


Why is this useful?

  • We believe the way in which we explore our practice with one another has a direct impact on the quality of our work with our clients, inside and outside of RISE.
  • Our focus and attention on connection and learning fosters a culture of feedback and challenge alongside support and a deep appreciation for each other.

All of our consultants are independent consultants, who have experience and work outside of RISE. Some consultants find a large percentage of their client work sits within RISE, others have a smaller level of engagement. We find this flexibility supports people and the different demands that ebb and flow in our lives.

People join RISE because they are attracted to the idea of working alongside like-minded people on interesting client projects, whilst being able to engage in stimulating, thought-provoking and often challenging discussions about our practice with each other.

Consultants are able to participate in monthly learning calls, small peer-learning groups, and bi-annual gatherings as well as having the opportunity to step into shared governance roles and have a direct say in the strategy and direction of the community as a whole. 

We're always interested in connecting with, and inviting in, experienced consultants who are interested in collaborating and learning together on projects. 

If you're interested, and want to find out more about how we work with each other on client projects please get in touch and we can set up a conversation. 

We are currently exploring ways in which we might grow the learning community and make it accessible for more independent consultants in our field that are interested in connecting with like-minded peers, exploring their work together, and developing their practice. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our future community plans, we'd love to hear from you. 

A self-organising community of practice

How we work together


We recently agreed a new governance model for our organisation, making the shift away from a hierarchical structure to working in self-organising circles as a community. Our structure is constantly evolving, but you can see a current depiction below:

RISE Shared Governance Structure 2021


We hope this way of working will foster the community spirit of RISE, and enable consultants to feel a part of growing what we're doing together. This Shared Governance transition is an experiment and we'll be sharing our experience of this change process as we go on our blog.