Improving the practice of collaboration to enable the conversations that matter for change to happen. 

Collaboration matters.

Collaboration is an overused word that requires much more attention. We all know that to tackle the big complex challenges in our organisations (and beyond) we've got to work better with each other. It seems important to spend a bit more time looking at, and investing into, what it really takes to collaborate effectively.

We design and create spaces for connection and learning, improving...


...and with this comes a whole load of organisational benefits, that not only improve the bottom line, but enable:

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The biggest single impact has been the increase in the quality of communication. It’s given our senior management the confidence and ability to join the most complex discussions.

Chris Oglesby CEO Bruntwood

Because RISE has worked with us over a period of years, they really understand who we are, our people and our business. This trust has meant we’ve been able to not just work on collaboration and development but really get into strategic issues together.

Andy Gatesy CEO, Toly

RISE were invaluable in our transition to working online as a Leadership Board when COVID-19 hit. It became clear they could play a much broader role, and they increased their remit to help us develop as a team.

Neil Campbell CEO Warburtons

Some of our clients

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Want to improve how people work together?

What is really important to you right now? In our partnerships, we work to reflect, understand and experiment to bring about change. It all starts with a conversation...