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Enabling better ways of
leading, learning and working together

For healthier, more sustainable and effective workplaces and organisations.

What We Do



The way we choose to lead and respond to the challenges we face makes all the difference.

We work with leaders of organisations who know that collaboration is key to meeting the increasing demands they face. We help you to move beyond traditional leadership and management approaches toward more participatory and sustainable ways of addressing complex challenges.


Collaboration Matters

We've spent 10 years looking at and working with the practice of collaboration. Why? Because it matters.

We face increasingly complex challenges within our organisations and beyond; from technological advancements, globalisation and interconnectedness, mental health and well-being issues to environmental degradation and evolving societal structures.

We have to get better at working together if we want to realise the potential we have for how we live and work in more connected and sustainable ways. 

About Us & Our Approach

Developing leadership &
collaborative practice for action and impact.

To do this, we use a range of skills and expertise and apply our framework for collaborative action. Our practice lenses help us shape each project differently, depending on context and need:

Developing the skills that underpin a leader’s quality of presence and influence, such as authentic expression, willingness to learn and our inner state of being.

With fragmentation and disconnection to ourselves, to each other and our environments increasing; investing in Being is critical for a greater quality of collective impact. (And yet it's often the first thing to fall off the radar because of the way we are conditioned to prioritise other ways of being and doing)

Developing a complexity skill set through sense-making, perspective sharing, context mapping and an iterative mindset.

The way we make sense of the challenges we face within our organisations and beyond is bound by the lens through which we view the issue. Investing in Thinking is critical for ensuring more thoughtful, considered action in complex and uncertain environments.

Supporting leadership teams to translate strategy into impactful delivery. Focussing on building and maintaining high-performing teams and evolving operational structures to support and accelerate strategic ambitions. 

Whilst action and performance are often incentivised within organisations, it is often rushed, inflexible, and causes frustration and issues down the line. Investing in Doing is critical for ensuring iterative action over time, with feedback and learning at the core.

Enabling deep trust and connection between collaborative groups within and across organisations. Explicitly working with group dynamics, developing the quality of conversation and increasing shared awareness can be a catalyst for innovation and change. 

Investing in Relating is what makes us human, but protecting and proactively creating space and opportunity for deepening the quality of the connection can be cut short by the pressure to deliver and perform. Magic happens when people work well together, and connection is at the core of collaboration.

Making a difference

Action & Impact

The benefits we see in our work are not only an improvement to the bottom line, but also:

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What We Do

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