Taking time to connect:

Conversations that matter

An evening event of delicious food and conversation for those leading people and change for impact. Attending a RISE dinner event is an opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar questions and challenges. We explore topics such as leading people and culture in change, sustainability for people and planet, and navigating complexity and better collaboration in our organisations. Our public events are designed around a discussion-based format with a relaxed and intimate vibe.

Why we need to get talking. 

Woking withing high-pressure and emotionally-demanding context often leaves us little time to stop and talk about the things that really matter. Whether tackling challenges, creating space for new opportunities or adjusting our focus towards the impact we want to make, finding support and bringing topics out into the open is critical for moving forward.

Our work is in helping people and organisations become unstuck, and to help teams work better together by increasing personal and collective skills and capability for better collaboration. Our dinners are intended to help you make some sense of the complex challenges you face in your role. We also hope it will give you space to connect with others and find increased support as you navigate both challenges and opportunities within and beyond your organisation.

About our dinners


We carefully curate each dinner around a theme relevant to attendees, whether a sector-specific challenge or exploring a topic central to our guests' organisational role.


Each event is held in a beautiful private dining environment, allowing guests to discuss challenges over a relaxed dinner together.


The conversations are facilitated by our friendly RISE consultants and include stimulating activities to get the conversation flowing.

For leaders and teams looking to take on their biggest challenges and find fresh new ways forward.

Hint: If you've got collaboration as one of your organisational values or priorities... this is probably a good dinner for you!

PS. We run both invitational and open dinners, including private dinners for team. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

We arrange a date and location to suit guests, of course taking care to cater for dietary requirements.

Each dinner numbers around 5-20 guests, with RISE facilitators on hand to lead the evening's discussion.

The event is tailored to the group's organisational and sector interests and challenges.

Our invitational and open dinners are free to attend, however donations to our supported chartities is welcome

If you're interested in hold a dinner for your team or organisatiion, get in touch, and we can share more information. 

🌎 We donate 1% to environmental projects as part of our 1% for the planet commitment.

✨"The light touch facilitation worked really well - enough to create connections and spark thinking... it didn’t feel forced."

✨" It created a space to think and see things differently. I appreciated the care and respect for and between everyone."

✨"Warm, uplifting, and fun"

✨"It was great to get the group together, to take some time to stop, reflect, and really think about things that we take for granted every day!"

Would you like to join us?

If you would like to come along to our next dinner, or arrange a similar event for your organisation or team, we'd love to hear from you!

Please drop us a line in the first instance so we can discuss your organisational challenges and make sure we find the right dinner date for you!

Let's talk