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How Yellow improved the collaboration of their executive team



About the client

Digital disruption requires change in business strategy

Yellow Malta is a local business discovery company. They began as a printed directory known as the Yellow Pages published in 1997 and today they compile, publish and deliver over 160,000 free books to all local homes and businesses in Malta & Gozo with a 50/50 split on preference between print and digital.

  • The challenge: Digital transformation required leadership shift
  • The work: Executive team development
  • Outcomes: Collaborativeve leadership

Simon Preston Consultant

Simon Preston


Chris Alder ConsultantChris Alder


Where it began

The challenge


As a print business, the digital acceleration age meant the business needed to adapt and develop online directory services in order to remain relevant. In parallel to a digital transformation project; they knew that in order for this to take hold they had to change their leadership style and the way they worked as a business, that's where RISE came in.

What we did together

The work


We initially started with the executive team running a retreat, where we focussed on developing connection, trust, purpose of the group. Following this, we launched a series of small virtual coaching clinics where we were able to provide more ongoing, intimate support for individuals. This work involved working on personal leadership skills as well as looking at their roles and the way group worked as a whole. After a year of this, we helped to transition these coaching clinics into internally facilitated Peer Learning Groups, a mechanism for maintaining a space for connection and reflection.

Outcomes and Ongoing work



The Peer Learning groups are now an embedded part of the Yellow management culture and continue to be internally supported and facilitated. The process has enabled increased trust and reduced the hierarchy between the board, exec team and the senior leadership team by supporting more transparent communication and greater inclusion of perspectives from the wider group for important strategic decisions. 

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