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How British ParaSwimming improved their senior leadership team performance



About the client

Specialised senior managers required support to ensure high-performance leadership team

The senior leadership team of British Para-swimming are the small group of people that support the strategy, development and ultimately performance of the British Para-swimming athletes.

  • The challenge: Leadership Team Collaboration
  • The work: Group dynamics and leadership development
  • Outcomes: Awareness and improved connection and collaboration

Simon PrestonMegan Taylor

Where it began

The challenge


The performance director of the team initially connected with RISE with a desire to improve the collaborative performance of his senior management team. The team is a nationally dispersed group of people, all with specialist expertise in their areas. With the 4 year Olympic cycle underway, he wanted to ensure the team were paying as much attention to themselves and the way they work together as they do to their athletes and coaches. 

“In the highly charged and extremely fast paced environment of elite sport the ability to work incredibly effectively under stressful conditions can be the difference between success and failure. RISE have made a demonstrable difference in our ability to deliver medal success.”

Chris Furber, Performance Director

What we did together

The work


Our work together consisted of a combination of individual coaching and facilitated group workshops, that both supported the discussions on key organisational challenges as well as the development of key habits and practices such as having challenging conversations and exploring group dynamics. We utilised David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics Assessment to support the development of understanding and awareness within the team of each other's strengths and limitations, providing guidance and suggestions for how to work with these challenges more effectively.

“Working with RISE has taken the functionality and productivity of our senior leadership team to a completely new level. They have enabled us to share vulnerably and develop trust which has led to far more honesty and robust challenge increasing our effectiveness as a team.”

Chris Furber, Performance Director

Outcomes and Ongoing work



During our work there was a change in people in the senior leadership team which helped to address some of the dysfunctions that had existed. The group became better able to notice each other’s behavioural patterns and work more effectively together, utilizing each other's strengths and capabilities.

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