Game-changing virtual collaboration

Unleash the power and creativity of teams with whole-organisation virtual conversations

Remote working, furloughed staff, rapidly changing market conditions and increased uncertainty have left a serious impression on many businesses in 2020. Even the most resilient organizations have felt the impacts of these challenges.

Gamechanging conversations for your organisation

Some of the themes we've seen in our work with clients this year...


  • A slow deterioration in relationships, communication and connection across departments

  • Everyone is zoomed out and the frequency and quality of online meetings has gone down after the initial novelty 

  • Online interactions and meetings are more transactional, dry and can lack creativity and aliveness

  • Teams report missing a sense of connection with colleagues

  • Motivation has gone down as staff are feeling less acknowledged and valued, and are becoming increasingly disengaged


Most businesses struggle to know how to work with these complex issues and themes, especially in an online format - which seems to be part of the problem in the first place.

We encourage organisations to tap into the enormous potential of this disruption and use this as an opportunity to harness the latent creativity, skills and talent of their employees. 

Some of the themes you might want to activate your organisation's collective intelligence and engagement towards are: 

💡  Bouncing back stronger: Generating innovative ideas to embrace new opportunities

🖥️  Harnessing the benefits and power of virtual working. Look at what is and isn't working for the business and what you need to do better

🌏  Understanding how our culture has shifted over this period of rapid change and fast-decision making. How can our values be lived more fully in this new world?

🚨 Capitalising on the opportunities we've found in how we responded to emergency situations. Reflecting on how we began working with a common purpose, in a quick, agile and highly productive way - how can we get more of that?

👬 Road testing new ways to collaborate virtually, increase connection and deepen engagement from a distance


Our multi-faceted approach to virtual collaboration makes sure every person in the organisation has a space to be heard and included, with a chance to offer their own creative solutions to these challenging VUCA conditions we all find ourselves in.

We strongly believe you have all the expertise, knowledge and capacity for innovation you need already within your own organisation to come out of the other side of Covid stronger and more resilient than before. 

How did RISE Beyond support Gary Neville and the team at GG Hospitality to use virtual collaboration processes to reimagine their business?

Project Gamechanger emerged from an urgent need to hold the newly remote teams at Hotel Football and Stock Exchange Hotel together in the context of an unprecedented national lockdown. But, 6 months on, the impact of the process continues to resonate across the organisation in increasingly important ways.


RISE Consultants work in partnership with clients to design virtual collaboration programmes that connect employees in meaningful conversations through diverse, asynchronous processes. This way you are able to foster purposeful participation across the whole organisation and fuel transformative, lasting change for the individual and the collective.

Whole Organisation Events

We can design and deliver whole-organisation virtual engagement events as a way for the entire company to gather online in a facilitated space. They will have a chance to connect as a team, in smaller groups and one-on-one, with opportunities to offer input and ideas and have their voices heard

Simple Tech Platforms

Running alongside and during these whole-team events we make use of powerful online tools for collaboration, collecting and sorting all of the relevant data and feeding it back to the group in creative and valuable ways

HOD’s and Mid-level Management Meetings

Including your middle layer of managers is critical for the full engagement and empowerment of the whole organisation as they will help shape and run these events, and be play a key role in making sense of their impact

Exec Team Meetings

By partnering with the executive team we are able to make sure all of the various elements of the processes are aligned with the values and the culture of the organisation. It is here the overall strategy gets set as we move through this interactive and iterative process. 

Presentations, Gameshows, Live Forums

Virtual collaboration processes can be delivered in various formats best suited to the teams who are participating. These events are designed to be entertaining and rewarding for all involved, connecting staff across silos and hierarchies and allowing the organisation's rising stars to shine.


We believe in the power of collaboration as a strategy for success in complex and uncertain times. Since our founding in 2012, we have worked with organisations for several years across diverse industries and geographies.

We bring deep expertise and knowledge but hold this lightly and combine this with humility, care and occasionally even a sense of humour!

We know that changes to individual and group habits and practices need time to emerge and take root, so we tend to work with clients over an extended time period. We are not interested in off-the-shelf solutions. Our programmes are genuinely bespoke and evolve as we work with clients to enable us to provide the most value at any given time.

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Are you interested in engaging creative virtual collaboration processes for your whole organisation?


We would love to explore the possibilities of virtual development experiences with you. Please get in touch by filling out the contact form and one of our consultants will get back to you for an informal chat to find out about your needs.


RISE Beyond is an all-virtual community of multi-disciplinary consultants, coaches and facilitators based throughout Europe and Asia.  Our collective mission is to empower organisations and their people to thrive in uncertainty through bespoke development programmes delivered online and enriched with diverse expertise.


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