Tomas Hancil

Prague, Czech Republic

About Tomas...

Tomas is passionate about personal growth. In his role as consultant and coach, he feels honoured to be part of every client journey. With a firm belief that personal maturity and wisdom do not conform to social status, RISE has a committed team member who finds his work both rewarding and humbling.

A previous lecturer in philosophy at Charles University, Prague, Tomas has always focused on interdisciplinary issues and thus draws from diverse sources such as philosophy, natural sciences, philosophy of science and psychology when speaking with clients.

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Meeting Tomas Hancil
Tomas and other people from RISE

Passions and interests

Tomas finds the experience of engaging with people, how they think and how they construct their understanding of the world as personally and professionally enriching. He is fascinated by integrating insights of various sciences – from psychology to biology and sociology through to physics and theology and philosophy. He views the knowledge humanity has acquired up to now as both fragmented yet curiously interconnected. Tomas values working with RISE because the organisation is willing to engage with people on a personal and intimate level, rather than simply focusing on surface-level behaviour.