Theresa Sigillito Hollema.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Theresa...

Theresa focuses on three areas:  cultural competence, team development and working virtually.   This means she supports leaders and teams as they navigate global collaboration.  The work may take many forms, for instance, speaking engagements, team facilitation, or leadership development.  The red thread through all of this is Theresa’s desire to help leaders and teams to understand what it means to work globally and develop the mindset to make a difference in the current complex business environment.

In the past few years, Theresa went on a journey to understand more deeply how distance and cultural diversity impact how virtual teams think, feel and act.  She looked at the robust and insightful research in academia to make sense of the dynamics she saw in her consulting practice. In addition, she interviewed countless business people who lead and work virtually, many who intuitively realized how the traditional practices with co-located teams were inadequate in this new environment.  Theresa synthesized the academic models, theories and insights with the real world case studies and is writing a book (to be published 1st half 2020).   Theresa’s contribution to the conversation on the new way of working is her focus on multi-cultural teams, and her deep dive to understand what happens as humans when we work from a distance.  With this information and helpful advice, leaders and teams will have the agency to make a difference in how they relate to each other and collaborate.

After receiving her MBA from a US university, Theresa worked in variety of international positions, until she became a cultural consultant in 2007.   Since then she has consulted and trained around the world at many large global companies. Originally from United States, she has lived for more than 20 years in the Netherlands.  

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Theresa Sigillito Hollema
Working Virtually