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RISE Beyond App

Step change your collaboration

Identify your collaboration pain points and access free resources, tips and tools to enable breakthrough.


Generative conflict is necessary for creative dialogue and should be encouraged – but it’s not easy. Learn some simple ways to make sure you and your team embrace differences of opinion in healthy and productive ways.


Decision making is a key skill in the work place yet often, key decisions are avoided and a lack of clarity on accountability make for inefficiencies across the business. Learn some quick ways to improve collective decision making.

Adapting to Change

Do you feel your business isn’t evolving as fast as the world it serves? Are you finding yourself more reactive than proactive? One way to survive in a world of disruption is to change the game internally. Discover ways to start this process with our recommendations and resources.

Inefficient Meetings

33.4% is the average percentage of meeting time considered unproductive by participants. What if you could change that. Our guide to more efficient meetings will improve engagement, raise energy and give you more time back.

Impact your team effectiveness

“The RISE Beyond App has helped me re-structure my meetings and the impact has been extremely positive across the team – I couldn’t recommend it enough.” David Xuereb, QPM

Exclusive add-ons
for RISE Clients

Interactive event support for RISE Retreats and large gatherings. Agendas, photos, session feedback forms and more.

Profiling and assessment support for you and your team. Monitor the effectiveness of your collaboration.

Extra resources and support to build on your habits and practices for effective collaboration inc. coaching and conflict resolution techniques.