Steve Bather.

Brighton, UK

About Steve...

Steve Bather is a life-long facilitator practitioner, educated to degree level (Cardiff 1985) with a Management Diploma (1995). A specialist in group decision making and the application of collaboration technologies; he aims to ensure groups are as effective as they can be whether face to face or working virtually, and especially whilst also managing the complexities of workload, life balance and personal development.


Steve Bather

Passions and Interests

I am passionate about ensuring teams and organisations engage effectively to ensure high-quality decisions and buy-in to ensure real change happens. I am never happier than when leading a workshop or conference where real issues are raised and discussed or when engaged to design and navigate complex groups and organisations to help them reveal every perspective and insight to ensure they remain at the top of their game.

Personally, my passion is mountain biking, all water-sports and skiing when not distracted by the needs of my two teenagers and two adult offspring! I am at ,y most peaceful when mountain biking in my beloved South Downs at the weekend! 

Involvement with RISE

I joined RISE in mid 2018 and I am supporting several clients with coaching and in team retreats. I am delighted to find and join an inspired group of consultants who are passionate about delivering excellence in the practice with clients whilst also taking their personal development seriously.