An environment of increasing uncertainty and change requires organisations to rethink how they collaborate within and beyond their organisation. The human factor remains the difference in determining how to integrate digitisation and artificial intelligence into competitive advantage.

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Organisational Development

Paying attention to how your organisation develops and implements it’s strategy with the full involvement and engagement of your people is challenging. We can support your Executive and Senior Leadership to work coherently with trust and aligned sense of purpose.

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Managing Succession

Succession planning whether planned, voluntary, part of a generational hand over or future organisational development requires thought and care. With our support you can feel confident that the future of your business is in good hands.

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Intercultural Management

Working globally can create friction if diversity is not understood, respected and worked with. Increasing collaboration and maximising the potential of diverse and globally located teams is key.

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Managing Post Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are exciting yet stressful times. Ensuring effective cultural change is sensitive work that is often overlooked and can have harmful consequences. We will support alignment and engagement for post-merger organisations.

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Advisory Boards

Advisory boards are great vehicles to add strategic perspective and input to strategic orientation of a company. Click here to learn more about our partner, Advisory Board Architects.

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Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Businesses waste $37 billion on ineffective meetings every year. It is essential to ensure clarity of purpose, good process design and engaged participation in order to tap into the potential of your people and remain competitive.

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Managing Complexity & Overwhelm

As the business environment becomes more volatile, organisations are being more reactive than proactive. In order to thrive, it requires accelerating your speed of execution as well as your ability to seize new opportunities.

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Improving Decision Making

Decision making is not a linear process, Learning how to make dynamic decisions that set the course of direction whilst remaining flexible in order for agility and adaptability is key.

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Conflict & Team Dynamics

Managing conflict requires us to pay attention to how we show up in our interactions with others. How we relate to one another is constantly changing and this can provide complex dynamics to navigate.

Organisation stress shows in many ways:

  • Struggling with with complexity and changing market dynamics
  • Needing to be more agile decision making
  • Managing leadership succession and intergenerational transition
  • Managing cross-cultural tensions and maximising the value of  diversity
  • Handling Post Merger & Acquisition Processes
  • Managing conflict and team dynamics

Too many leadership interventions fizzle out, have weak return on their investment and no clear link to building competitive advantage. RISE moves beyond traditional leadership solutions and specific one-off interventions by working in partnership with clients on upgrading their collaborative capacity.


We are living in an age of acceleration. RISE is committed to growing strategic organisational leadership that can seize the opportunity and thrive amidst volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


Building world-class learning and development programmes is at the heart of our work. We help participants across the organisation to think more critically about how they participate and collaborate across the boundaries of hierarchy, geography, and function.

Executive Group

Building trust, purpose and coherence that enables differences of perspective to flourish into agile decision-making across boundaries of hierarchy, geography, and culture is the kind of challenge that gets our blood pumping.

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Our interventions often involve bringing different stakeholders from across organisations together. Sometimes this is a small group (such as an Executive Board Retreat), yet we regularly run retreats for large international management groups of c.100. These retreats are always intimate, beyond bespoke, deliver purpose and strategy alignment and are highly impactful.

As we move into a trusted partnership with clients we frequently support them in making selection and succession decisions that drive collaborative strategy forwards and ensure a candidates complexity of thought matches the task demands of the role and context.

Building sustainable value in the organisations we partner with means up-skilling internal resources to continue and deepen the quality of collaboration being fostered across the organisation. Our cutting edge training services can be adapted to the specific contexts of each organisation; creating master facilitators within each organisation is a key to sustaining the impact of RISE’s work.

We typically augment our work with groups by providing individualised executive coaching and support to key stakeholders. This includes top leaders, emerging talent, and leaders in transition as well as on-boarding and exit coaching. Our team includes a number of internationally respected coaches and experienced business mentors.

One of our most widely used services is the RISE collaboration accelerator, this is a 12 month facilitated peer-learning programme. Which uses blended learning to support small cross functional groups across the organisation to deepen their understanding and practice of collaboration in the face of complexity.

Part of building trust and collaboration between people involves openly airing differences of opinion, but often people do not feel safe to speak up. When we begin shifting the way people participate in organisation it is inevitable that some conflicts will rise to the surface. We offer mediation and conflict coaching services, as well as building internal capacity for holding challenging conversations.

Innovation sprints are where a client identifies an issue of critical importance and RISE provides an intense accountability and support process to maximise the probability of breakthrough and progress. Think of an innovation sprint as an intense facilitated process targeted at clear business outcomes.

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