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An alternative organisational development consultancy focussing on leadership, culture, teams and change in uncertainty and complexity.

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Talk about disruption... Consultant Insights               

Hybrid Teams

Getting real with hybrid teams

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Meeting Julie Hutchison

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Business Bullshit

Business Bullshit - it's everywhere

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Taking our team virtual

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10 missteps in leading culture 

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Understanding Culture

A thought paper looking at the different ways of understanding culture and culture change in organisations.

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About RISE Beyond

Find out more about who we are, our thinking and approach to our work with organisations.

Virtual Meeting Basics 1-1

Virtual Meeting Basics

An easy, downloadable resource to support establishing effective virtual meetings. 


Competing in Disruption

A thought paper looking at what it takes for organisations to compete in an era of disruption. 

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What We Can Do Together ...

We help you and the people in your organisation to develop your ability to live and work in the uncertain, messy environments we find ourselves in.
We're not here to provide quick solutions... (myth busting: there aren't any!) 
We are here to work with the real experiences of your people to improve how you work together and ultimately improve
the work your organisation does.


We work with organisations to tailor approaches that are designed with particular organisational contexts in mind. We aim to support leaders to pay attention to the uncertainty of their organisations and how they might better navigate the complexity of organisational life.


More and more of our work is happening online, and yet often our experiences of working virtually are unsatisfactory. The technology available is only a fraction of the challenge... how we behave and interact with each other virtually makes the difference. We have years of experience supporting organisations globally with their virtual teams and virtual group experiences.


Leadership development is not a check-box exercise with one-off workshops; it is the ongoing focus and attention to behaviours and interactions with others. We work to support and enable leaders to take responsibility for their habits and practices.


Culture is hard to change and yet is at the heart of competitive advantage. Culture is made up of what we experience, see; our perceptions, judgments and biases, what we say or don’t say - the language we use and our tone of voice and what we believe - our underlying assumptions. Working to change culture is hard, but possible, we can help. 


"The Rise team were excellent, which enabled our executive team to have 
quality conversations much earlier than I would have expected."

Steve Johnson CEO

"RISE has supported and enabled us to shift our culture to a more open, and accepting one. It has not been a quick process, this work takes time, but once you recognise this and can see how the process is starting to make shifts happen, you can see that over time and with the commitment it will and has transformed our ways of working."

Polly McAllester Leadership Director

"The level of trust in our senior team has significantly improved. This has enabled the team to understand each other and the way that we interact and contribute to the team dynamic. Collaboration has never been better and we are now cascading the techniques throughout the organization."

Sam Dobson Operations Director

Learning fast from our experience in uncertainty is at the heart of all of our competitive advantage ...


Let's start with a conversation, that way our consultants can help you to think through what your needs are and how we might be able to help.


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