Whatever the day brings, staying productive at work can be a serious challenge.

However, the odds of staying productive can be greatly enhanced by following some simple steps in lightening your workload.

It’s a combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. It’s obvious that less productivity and lower efficiency levels are going to negatively affect your business, including that treasured bottom-line, so this is a genuine issue for both employer and employee to tackle.

See how many of these ideas you can include into your daily life:


Monitor your time on tasks.

This kind of comes hand in hand with planning out your day and hitting your stride, smashing in your goals. A little personal stress can act as a serious motivator to getting your tasks done. This also allows you to ‘rock the clock’ – shifting focus between monotonous and boring tasks and the more engaging, interesting tasks will keep you more switched on and productive.


Stand up for your phone calls.

Seriously, do it. Especially if you’re finding yourself on the phone for far too long throughout your day. Your brain is hardwired to now keep the phone call brief and to the point, and you won’t waste time discussing any unnecessary details. Just remain polite and the other end will probably appreciate the direct pertinence of the simpler conversation.


Take regular breaks.

Especially if this involves exercise and that includes getting up and walking around for just 5 minutes. There’s some cool sciencey stuff about how your body can’t break down the necassry enzymes and how sitting down all day increases your chances of a heart attack. So, if you can – take a long walk half way through your day, or at least get up and stretch occasionally. If you’re putting in solid work, even 15 minutes of every hour is justified to give your brain a refresh. Sociable people can hit the water cooler, hydration is another key to productivity – although it might be best to keep a water bottle close by.


Adopt the “two-minute rule”.

The rule being: if something is doable in under 2 minutes, do it immediately! Completing the task right away should save you time in the long run, especially if you’re letting them all build up. The fact you’ve got a task done (no matter how boring/remedial/mundane) actually registers as a reward in your brain, giving you that personal satisfaction boost, making you happier and more productive throughout the day.


Say no to meetings – or make sure they’re standing.

Time is the most important currency in life. Knowing what meetings to refuse or not schedule in the first place is very important. It’s much better to develop a ‘fit for purpose’ meeting system, apparently spawned after GloxoSmithKline realised that too much of their time was wasted on meetings, as it equalled the amount of time they were spending on drug development. Here, only people directly involved in a specific phase of the project would be involved in the meeting. Everyone else, or those interested, would receive notes on the most important details.


Make sure you’re looking at something nice.

Research has shown that outfitting an office with aesthetically pleasing elements can increase productivity up to 15%. This includes plants, pictures, candles and fun or cool décor. Anything that puts a smile on your face. So why not bring in a picture of your significant other, your wonderful grandma or your adorable niece and put it on your desk.


Evolve with technology.

There are some seriously awesome tools you can use to make life more productive. Why not try out the RISE Beyond app to make your co-working experiences better and more productive. Our app will help make the most of your time spent in meetings and promote productivity within your team. Download it here.

What are the top tips you or your office are following to keep a productive environment?