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There is rarely a right answer to complex problems

The types of problems we are trying to solve is messy and there is rarely a right answer. The messiness is further compounded by the fact we are trying to solve them with other people. Working together with others is often challenging because it is inherently uncertain. It requires making useful sense of our differences and similarities (in a process which is simultaneously antagonistic and collaborative), and it is impossible for us to predict how even our smallest words or acts might be understood by others (and - as a result - small actions can have a big impact).

The highly emergent nature of our social interactions means that there is rarely a final and definitively right answer to complex problems and that many of the normal tasks of strategic planning serve little purpose than to help us avoid facing the underlying anxiety of the position we find ourselves in.

Taking experience seriously ...

Our ability to seek a range of perspectives, co-ordinate them and determine our best way forward shapes our competitive advantage. We are focussed on the process of how we learn together to pay attention to each other and the challenges we find ourselves facing. This means contending with the everyday politics of organisational life.  This is a process of taking our experience of working together seriously and experimenting, not in pursuit of perfection, but in the hopes of becoming progressively less stupid about how we struggle to work together in a way that is more fulfilling and useful. 

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