Miriam Binder-Lang

Munich, Germany

About Miriam...

Miriam is passionate about human development and finding out what adopted patterns hold people back from achieving what they really want. Her passion starts with her children and own family dynamics, and extends to her clients and teams she works with.

She describes her qualifications in two stages, the first one is graduating from Gymnasium in Germany and studying engineering in a French-German cooperation program with the equivalent of a Master’s degree. This lead her into a nineteen year industrial career in the Aeronautics and Defence industry, where she held positions in Strategy, sales, corporate governance and finally HR. She took a break from her job as HR executive to embark on a development journey.

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Note from the Field
Miriam in Malta

Passions and Interests

Miriam's journey led her to become a coach and ultimately leave the industry in order to focus on coaching and development work. Through a 2-year program with Integral Coaching Canada, she became a certified Integral Master Coach – and she continues developing and remaining curious. Other than that, she practices meditation and Tai Chi, enjoys being out in nature and transforming things with her hands.