Maud Raber.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Maud...

Maud is an executive coach, facilitator and trainer of coaches.
She fosters the emergence of healthy, purpose-driven work cultures where it is possible to lead authentically and with impact, show up fully, mutually learn and grow and create outstanding social impact.
Maud supports next-stage organisations implementing self-management and Agile to create a Future of Work that really works on the human side.

She helps leaders stretch out to their next level of somatic, cognitive and social-emotional development to boost their potential, and supports teams to evolve towards high levels of trust and collaboration towards high performance.

Maud also trains and mentors coaches and facilitators internationally in their professional development. She is a Faculty member of The Embodied Facilitator Course and the Power of Embodied Transformation Coach training programme.



Maud Raber
French Alsace

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