Martin Wilderer

Shropshire, UK

About Martin...

Martin takes a lead role in formulating our growth strategies, drawing on his expertise in disruptive business models alongside a deep reservoir of global business experience.

An internationally experienced CEO and innovation and growth stage leader, Martin is renowned as a specialist in the context of dynamic change in the marketplace, digitalisation, globalisation and sustainability.

With a solid corporate background in the manufacture of hi-tech products, Martin now concentrates on early stage companies. He has a particular eye for developing strategies for software technology, business modelling and growth dynamics as well as impact investment.


Martin Wilderer
Martin at Bankhead

Passions and Interests

A truly global career has seen Martin achieve success with the water technology industry, power engineering, data analytics and within the field of electro and automotive mobility. With solving global challenges through engineered products being the linking passion, Martin has used his business drive across the continents. During his time in Asia, he has witnessed great growth in China and now uses his intercultural and interdisciplinary background to build bridges between cultures and professions in this part of the world.

Creating conditions for companies to excel is the mantra Martin brings to RISE. Utilising an engineering mindset to solve business development challenges and significantly influenced by his time at the Singularity University studying the systematic of exponential companies, Martin leads the way in taking a global challenge and creating a profitable opportunity.