Karolina Harries

Prague, Czech Republic

About Karolina...

I am an international freelance trainer and coach with over 10 years of practical experience with clients from the commercial sector, non-governmental organisations and the public sector. I work both with teams and with individuals.

I help organisations to develop their business through their people. I mainly use a coaching approach during trainings/workshops, and focus on results through helping people to understand themselves, change their mind-set and approach as well as their behaviours. One of my key values is ensuring that what is learnt from the training/workshop has a real practical impact on a participant’s daily practice.


Interview with Karolina Harries
Applied Improvisation

Passions and Interests

My big passion is improvised theatre, it is not only fun, but it is also a great way to learn about oneself. I use applied improvisation in my trainings as a part of the experiential learning, it can help to build and develop ESSENTIAL skills such as being focused and present, team cooperation and listening, acceptance and much more. I also run long-term self-development courses in applied improvisation.

I support clients in self-development, help them to create meaningful change and discover their individual potential. I provide clients with a safe environment that enables them to find answers to their questions. I respect clients for who they are, do not judge, do not give advice, but motivate them to seek their own path.