Henk Antvelink.

The Hague, Netherlands

About Henk

Henk is an experienced executive (team) coach and organisational development consultant specialising in organisational effectiveness and leadership development. His extensive experience in enabling organisational change, as a people oriented HR leader in a multitude of complex international business environments, enable him to bring a blend of corporate leadership experience and a holistic view to achieving personal, organisational and cultural transformation.

Henk has solid knowledge and experience in implementing HR and Change best practices and programs in both corporate and dynamic, lesser structured environments. His experience gained covers a multitude of diverse and complex business environments, including sales/distribution, operations and manufacturing/supply chain/logistics and engineering/project management environments.




Henk Antvelink
Cowes Week

Passions and Interests

I am interested in enabling organisations to adopt integral values management and whole spectrum leadership development to support continuous improvements in organisational performance and develop long-term sustainability. My passion is to help people, teams and organisations connect more effectively so that greater outcomes can be achieved. From working with leaders to get in touch with their best selves through developing more effective emotional and social skills, deeper levels of consciousness, helping them drive greater business impact by relentlessly enabling and developing others and working more effectively through complex organisational challenges and ominous change.

Personally, my passion is drawn to the outdoors and sailing in particular. Whenever possible you can find me offshore catching the tide and the sea breeze.

Involvement with RISE

I became aware of RISE through my network and INSEAD. It’s distinct purpose and values as well as it’s leveraged do-reflect-learn approach appealed to me instantly. Moreover, RISE’s engaged and critically reflective consultant community has a deep rooted shared curiosity in the current transitions within society, organisational complexities and it's members.