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Teams are complex. There are the things that sit above the surface and there is a lot that simmers away beneath the surface, which we often avoid.

What if?

We acknowledge and work with the whole of this reality; supporting best practices for team effectiveness whilst at the same time working with the ever-changing, inter-group dynamics that can both enable and disable a group from delivering on it's purpose.

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We help groups to create the basic foundations for great relationships, trust and self awareness. We help teams to understand what is really going on by looking at how they are working together. This can mean working with a team on the challenges and opportunities that they are already aware of, and sometimes it can mean supporting teams to surface the less spoken about, more difficult assumptions, emotions or stuck patterns of behaviour in order to make change happen.


Many teams today are working across traditional organisational structures, often in different locations, sometimes virtually, all of which add to the complexity of team relationships and dynamics.

We work with executive and senior teams to help them notice the patterns of how they work together and the wider impact this can have on their organisation.

These groups are often made up of highly competent and experienced individuals, but too often dysfunctions within the team can impede their collective potential.

  • We provide observations and feedback whilst supporting the improvement of team processes and carefully addressing underlying tensions. This work is often linked to supporting individuals with leadership coaching, where we are able to work more intimately with people's personal patterns and behaviours.
  • Our clients refer to the often uncomfortable nature of this type of work, but also to how important it has been for them to reflect and improve how they are together.
  • We do this work with in-person teams, virtual teams, and hybrid teams.

In complex and uncertain environments, optimising for efficiency through traditional command and control team structures is not enough to ensure success. Organisations need to organise for agility and adaptability and we believe this requires a more focused attention on collaboration and the interdependency of people and teams.

  • We help organisations to understand what they mean by collaboration, and the often idealised state of collaboration within teams and organisations.
  • We support the capacity of individuals, particularly at senior levels, to notice underlying patterns, and encourage a culture of naming what they are seeing, more effectively addressing the challenging tensions that exist in order to respond and remain agile to the changing environment.
  • We support organisations to initiate networks focused on peer learning and reflection to encourage greater transparency, understanding and quality of relationships across the business.
  • We design and facilitate leadership programmes that encourage diverse cohorts; mixed roles, geography, background and experience.
  • We do this work with a mix of in-person and virtual processes.

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Useful resources

The RISE Collaboration Framework


The RISE Collaboration framework captures what we believe are the key habits and practices needed for brilliant collaboration and team development. We don’t see this framework as a model to be applied, or specific steps to follow but rather a set of concepts that we can use to reflect on our experiences of culture and collaboration and what we might want these to look like.

RISE Collaboration Framework


We have used the collaboration framework to support our clients over many years and find it to be a useful resource to return to when reflecting on the work we have done together.

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Working with RISE has taken the functionality and productivity of our senior leadership team to a completely new level.

Chris Furber Performance Director, British Para-swimming

RISE are exceptionally knowledgeable, insightful, dedicated and passionate. They work as an extension to our own business and have created a true partnership.

Jen Atkins People Director, Bruntwood

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