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In uncertainty, the pressure is often on leaders to appear confident and all-knowing - to perpetuate the ‘illusion of certainty”.

What if?

Rather than seeing leadership as a heroic, individual act, we work with leadership as a practice that requires collective, skillful participation within an inherently complex and uncertain environment.

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We work alongside leaders on real challenges and organisational issues; this ranges from one to one coaching through to organisational-wide leadership programmes. 

Leadership starts with paying attention to ourselves first and this is best done through the support of coaching.

RISE coaches work closely with you and use theoretical and practical knowledge about development, leadership, and complexity to support you to think and act in new ways. Coaching can be challenging and sensitive work, but it also unlocks areas of stuckness that can enable positive change to happen.

  • We support people with learning new skills, and encourage an experimental attitude towards trying out new ways of working; reflecting and learning from experience.
  • We focus on a leader's current, real challenges and support the ability to step into the more difficult conversations.
  • We acknowledge the embodied reality of leadership and focus not just on cognitive understanding, but physical presence and communication practices with others.
  • We ask provoking questions to encourage reflection and re-imagining of what's possible in areas of stuckness.

We draw from a range of theories, and utilise profiling assessments where we think it might be useful. We often work with the Leadership Circle 360 to help people understand their impact on others.

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We design and deliver programmes, workshops and retreats that support leaders to better understand and work with each other on complex challenges.

  • We work with our clients to design sessions to suit particular business needs, and this approach can be applied to intensive small group programmes through to large-group participative events (e.g 80+)
  • We encourage clients to develop a regular rhythm to their senior leadership meetings, ensuring there is space to work on deepening connection and relationship between one another as well as focusing on the challenging operational issues of that moment.
  • We focus on deepening trust among leadership groups, encouraging diverse perspectives, and supporting the ability to work with tensions and differences in a way that may lead to new possibilities.
  • Whilst we tend to focus on process and the reality of what's happening in the moment, we also introduce useful content and theory to help shape thinking on particular topics.

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The RISE Collaboration Accelerator is a leadership programme that supports senior leaders and managers in developing their collaborative capacity to lead in constant change and uncertainty.

The structure of the RCA allows for the development of key collaborative skills whilst also remaining flexible and in touch with the organisation’s reality. We have delivered RCA programmes in organisations around the world.

  • The programme is delivered through facilitated, diverse, small groups. This not only provides space for individual development but creates opportunities for peer learning through sharing of experiences, developing trust and connection across the organisation.
  • We work with people's real challenges with a focus on experimentation and reflection; ensuring practical application and development of new skills and ways of working.
  • We draw from a range of theories and integrate content into the group learning process where relevant.
  • The RCA can be run with a blend of in-person and virtual, making it a cost-effective and engaging process for participants irrespective of location.

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Leadership culture is how a leadership team influences an organisation. It emerges from the day-to-day interactions and role-modelling of values, skills and behaviours of the most senior people in the organisation.

  • We encourage an understanding of leadership as a collective effort rather than the historical top-down model in order to support the agility and adaptability of the organisation in complex, uncertain environments.
  • We work with clients on the development and understanding of a 'leadership culture', and support and nurture the ways of working that support this systemic approach.
  • We look at organisational systems and processes that impact culture, whilst integrating a range of initiatives such as leadership coaching, programmes and large group workshops to support the development of leaders, responsible for influencing culture.

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Leading in Uncertainty

We have worked with leaders globally, as they navigate the complexity and uncertainty of their business and the world around them.

Our individual coaching programme works with select leaders who wish to actively engage with their development. Our RISE coaches utilise 360 leadership assessments and deep knowledge and experience to work to support you in addressing your most pressing challenges.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in my professional career over the past 3 years without the help of RISE.

Sam Dobson Operations Director, Graham & Brown

The value placed on openness, appreciation and challenging conversations is far more powerful than any 'traditional' leadership development programme I have experienced in the past.

Jen Atkins People Director, Bruntwood

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