Effective virtual Collaboration

How we work together virtually, and how to get better at it

Working virtually...

More and more of our work is happening online, and yet often our experiences of working virtually are unsatisfactory. The technology available is only a fraction of the challenge... how we behave and interact with each other virtually makes the difference.

Our RISE consultants have years of experience supporting organisations globally with their virtual teams and virtual group experiences. See the different ways we can support you below. 


We are offering FREE support to those affected as we believe helping people to keep their businesses operating during these times of uncertainty is really important.  Here are 4 ways in which we could help:

We will set up and run a senior team meeting. This would include some creative and simple online tools as well as set-up, clarity of agenda and facilitation of the meeting so that team members can fully focus on the business challenges. By experiencing what good feels like you can then more easily replicate it yourselves.

In this exceptionally challenging period, leadership visibility is crucial. At least on a weekly basis hold a company-wide briefing and respond in real-time to questions raised. We can support you in doing this for sessions of up to 1000 people. You will then be able to do it better yourself.

Most leadership groups are now working remotely.  We can demonstrate how your leaders can stay connected and support each other by forming virtual support groups. The COVID-19 crisis impacts employees and their families personally; this is not just about business, and as leaders, we must ensure we create space and support for these personal challenges.

This is a time of great stress for leadership teams and an opportunity for significant personal and team learning. We can provide some agreed coaching support to C-suite executives and teams to help with this journey.

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Are you looking to host more of your events, programmes or conferences online? RISE can help, from full design and delivery of your event or co-creating with you to ensure you have thought through the key elements for success.  

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For leaders looking to improve the collaboration of their virtual teams. 4x 90 minute sessions that support you to incorporate best practice for team performance and explore challenges in an interactive open-programme. 

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