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International Community

A geographically dispersed network of consultants engaged in similar work.

Accessible Resources

Downloadable guides, templates, processes and thought leadership to support our work as practitioners.

Sharing Experience

A diverse range of virtual opportunities to learn from the experiences of others and share your own.

Collaborate With Others

The opportunity to get involved with other consultants projects and find your support with your own projects.

A little bit about us ...

We started as a small group of consultants working on projects and sharing our insights and learning with one another. We then started to see how other people, even those not engaged with RISE clients might benefit and be interested in joining these discussions. So we opened our virtual doors.

We're in an industry made up of thousands of independent coaches, consultants and facilitators - each one of us engaged in continuous learning and development through our work. Yet, where do we go to share knowledge and grow the reputation and impact of what we do?

This community offers the opportunity to learn and grow together - critically engaging with how we approach our work with ourselves, our clients and beyond. 

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RISE Quarterly Learning Theme

Each quarter, we focus on a particular theme, taking the opportunity to critically examine how it is that we view and work with particular concepts. A recent theme we have been both inadvertently and purposefully diving into together is Virtual Teams and how to work effectively together if you are geographically dispersed. 

As well as producing useful content and blogs on these subjects we host a public webinar.

RISE conversation: Improving the  experience of virtual teams:  Click to watch

Previously, our theme was Embodiment. Click here to listen to the webinar, and receive useful resources.

Useful Resources

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Re-thinking Feedback

In this paper, we discuss how the prevalent understanding of feedback falls short because of its conceptual base. We look at how to understand feedback as a dialogical process rather than an act or skill.


"The RISE community has given me a place to belong, learn and connect with others whilst remaining independent and free to work on my own projects."