About the RISE community.

What is it that brings us together?


How people live and work together is inherently complex.

The world seems to be changing, (as it's always done) and this continues to impact our industry. Whilst these changes are important, the reality is that working together with people has always been difficult. What is it about trying to do stuff together that is so challenging, scary and conflict ridden - that no matter how fancy our technology gets it's still hard to do stuff together.

We're about trying to make sense together with our clients as human beings - trying to survive - what makes that so difficult. We're not about solving it, it's not solvable, but how do we get better at it together?

We help people make sense of why it's difficult to do stuff together. 

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Upcoming Events

Exploring the concept
of 'presence' 

We know that the people we work with often complain about being too busy, over-worked, overwhelmed (let's face it, we do too) so how do we introduce and work with the concept of 'presence' in our work to support our clients in finding better balance and focus?


Gender dynamics in consulting

Are you a female consultant? Or a consultant interested in the role of gender in our work? This hour long, online discussion will explore the role that gender can play and how we feel it influences, impacts, enhances and inhibits our work with our clients. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to be a member?

No, we want to push the boundaries of the work we do and that means being as open, inclusive and transparent as possible.

So how does RISE make money?

Through this open community,  we engage leading practitioners to work together on complex, global consulting projects. Find out more about our work.

How can I contribute and connect with others?

Tell us about what who you are and what you're doing on the Spotlight and Insights pages. . You can share your story or your thought leadership on the Spotlight and Insights pages. We also encourage your commentary on the contributions of others. Additionally, we have various online events, such as open discussion calls where you can connect with other consultants on themes and topics of interest.

How do I become a RISE consultant?

We take on RISE consultants periodically throughout the year, across our working regions (currently Europe and Asia) If you feel you have relevant experience and expertise, you can find out more and register your interest in joining RISE here. 

What our community say

I appreciate the genuine peer learning and content development support that we provide each other. This ensures we are neither stagnant nor live in our own ivory towers. 

Manju Melwani RISE Consultant

A growing, global community

We currently have over 100 consultants subscribed to our newsletter - people who work with organisations and are interested in exploring their work together with others. 

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RISE also has a smaller, select group of consultants engaged in client work together.