A Peer Learning Community Designed for CPOs...

Join a diverse community of other Chief People Officers from across a range of industries, building priceless relationships that support your growth and enable you to wrestle with the complexities of your strategic HR agenda and the day-to-day challenges of making that happen.

We are launching a new peer-learning, professional development initiative specifically for CPOs, with the aim of holding a brave space for you and your peers to share experiences, to strengthen your own capabilities and develop your capacity and presence in challenging situations.

Are you an experienced and commercial Chief People Officer or HR Director working in a medium to large organisation?

In our development consultancy work across Europe and Asia, we are privileged to engage with many brilliant CPOs heading Human Resource Management for their organisations. Now more than ever, CPOs are facing a set of unprecedented challenges as they attempt to steer the HR agenda in a global climate of ongoing change and uncertainty.

As experts in curating small “Peer Learning Groups”, we recognise a deeply felt need among our CPO clients for a community where you can get into real, authentic conversations with your peers. 

A place where you can: 

  • Explore how to increase your own impact with your CEO and executive board colleagues
  • Access a diversity of thinking and perspectives - you'll be connected with people outside of your network who you might not normally interact with 
  • Debate some of the biggest challenges facing organisations from virtual and blended working to understanding diversity 
  • Be part of a reflective, honest and vulnerable conversation that takes self-development seriously and explores what is really going on beneath the surface

Peer learning done well supports many of the premises of developmental, adult learning and transformational learning theories. Our process is to work in partnership with the group to generate a shared sense of ownership that enables dialogue to move from the reflective to the generative - helping you explore your own personal development as both an executive leader and an individual.

We are now inviting interested participants to apply to the pilot initiative, which will run initially for one year

Starting date: March 2021

Cost: £2,000 per person for the full year 

Lead consultants: Beth King and Jemma Barton



Groups of 6-8 Chief People Officers connected in carefully curated groups

Guided virtual group sessions 9 times in the year (we will find physical opportunities when this is possible)

Participating in a kick-off event to accelerate the process of getting to know one another and agreeing how we wish to work together

Chance to bring in experts who can design additional input sessions to support knowledge development in a continually reflective space for learning and growth


The RISE facilitator - a specialist in the field of People and OD - will curate and facilitate the sessions, holding a space that helps the groups to build trust so we can cut to the heart of the issues

We will also be on hand to encourage deeper individual and collective self-development and reflection, at times sharing ideas or approaches on how to do this

If a particular area is identified by the group as something they wish to explore, RISE will source experts and arrange additional sessions as desired (for a small fee)