Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product. It is the experience that integrates people, processes, and technology. Too often people feel that their collective working experience is ordinary and not fulfilling its potential yet true collaboration enables extraordinary things to happen.  The mission of RISE is to help  clients put in place the conditions for collaboration to thrive and for extraordinary results to flow.

Practical benefits exist for companies that think outside the box and work with others. In short, businesses can harness the power of the collective to move forward in a variety of ways.

Benefits for the Collaborative Organisation

Role Focus – When there is collaboration the team delivers results collectively, with each member performing their role, to their strengths. The best person does the best work at the best time, and there are no ‘turf wars’ to contend with.  Employees who know their strengths and weaknesses are much better at asking for help, and offering it, when needed. This internal awareness better equips the organisation to capitalise on the talents of everyone in the company, which will then drive progress and advancement. A healthy collaboration keeps adding to the reservoir of trust amongst employees and teaches them to rely on each other – allowing them to function as a more cohesive unit.

Innovation – Creating a culture that encourages innovation necessitates one that also encourages collaboration. A company that develops the latest ideas is not afraid to allow people to experiment, even if that experiment does not succeed. This helps employees feel free to explore new ideas rather than feeling restricted by the threat of failure. This is the type of environment that encourages innovation and fresh thinking.

Morale – Employees feel their ideas and skills are valued which in turn leads to improved commitment and loyalty to the team and organisation as a whole. When people share and explain their ideas in an environment of deep shared context the feedback improves the quality of their thoughts (rather than highlighting misunderstandings and the need for further explanation). This type of feedback also helps to improve self-awareness as employees realise their strengths and weaknesses and how they measure against the rest of the group

Productivity – better workplace collaboration and fewer approval levels can reduce time to market by 20% and can increase successful innovation by 15%.  Members who continue to collaborate together outside formal meetings can result in 50% improvement in communication. As businesses continue to support teamwork and connectivity in and out of the office, employees can be more productive, efficient and ultimately satisfied on the job. In a strong collaborative culture, hierarchy and cultural differences are dialled back and people know who they need to interact with to explore new ways of doing things and then move fast into experimenting with them. This reduced need to work through the formal hierarchy accelerates the pace of innovation and progress.  An organisation overly reliant on its formal organisational processes is heading towards being a stuck bureaucracy.

Improved communication through technology – Technology reigns supreme in today’s teamwork-driven workplace, connecting more team members than ever before.  When you don’t have enough variety to support different types of communication, you’re managing big projects in long email threads, or scheduling online meetings just takes too long, technology is holding back your team’s productivity.  Today email just isn’t enough for effective task management, and phone calls won’t suffice when you’re brainstorming or resolving conflicts. Finding the right business collaboration solutions for proper communication is even more crucial for your remote team because technology is the only way you connect. Your collaboration solutions should give every team member unrestricted access to projects and work information, and you need more than one way to communicate. Remote teams also benefit greatly from collaboration solutions that offer the ability to see and hear members. Smart use of video conferencing tools and onlien collaboration solutions are  a necessity for team building, developing trust and holding better meetings, even when you’re countries apart.

RISE Beyond supports organisations with navigating complex 21st century challenges.  Using our systemic framework and services we create a container in which organisations are supported in aligning to purpose and collaborating effectively.  Drawing from shared experiences across a multitude of business landscapes we developed our core methodologies to support the adaptability of organisations.  Removing silos and hierarchy puts and end to dysfunctional habits and practices and dramatically increases an organisations collaborative capacity.

The Rise APP

With an increasing trend towards globalization and flexible work, online collaboration solutions are invaluable tools in an organization’s arsenal.  At RISE Beyond, we have developed a collaboration app that takes you through tools and practices to enable you to become a better collaborator.  Key features of the app include:  meeting tools and processes, problem solving practices, checklists for managing effective meetings and guidance on RISE’s 7 Habits and Practices.