Our Approach

We support people and organisations to develop their competitive
advantage amidst the complexity of rapidly changing environments.

Building collaborative capacity at four levels


Connecting organisations to principles that guide collaboration


Co-creating conditions required for decision making in the face of uncertainty


Curating a set of organisational practices critical for navigating change


Cultivating individual habits for personal growth of leaders across the organisation

The RISE Collaboration Framework

Our framework is more resilient and agile than traditional interventions. We focus on enhancing the habits and practices of individuals whilst enabling the conditions for trust, common purpose and coherence at the organisational level. Scaling these capabilities allows an organisation to transform itself into one with collaboration at it’s core. Whilst we use our ‘Collaboration Framework’ as an approach, we do not offer a single product that every client adopts – instead we build on our experience to provide solutions that are uniquely customised to each specific need.

Why is collaboration important?

Collaborating-in-an-Era-of-Disruption-231x300 ApproachIn this paper we argue that improved collaboration is a key to competitive advantage in the age of disruption.

A Partnership Approach

Our focus is on creating deep partnerships with our clients to drive change from within to ensure long lasting organisational transformation that you can maintain long after we leave.


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