About RISE.

Who we are and what we do


Founded in 2012, RISE has grown from a small think tank to a globally diverse community of consultants partnering with clients to support them in managing amidst the uncertainty of everyday organisational life.

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Simon, our founder, convenes eight internationally diverse CEO’s in Cairo, to explore the complexity and uncertainty that exists in leading across global diversity through sharing their lived experiences. During this trip, the Arab Spring riots broke out; a challenging, real-time case study of what happens when governance and collaboration implodes.

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With a curiosity for how people can better collaborate across global diversity, RISE Beyond (rise beyond beliefs and borders) is founded by Simon Preston, Ron Boehm, and Elana Yosen as a global think tank.

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RISE secures its first globally dispersed business clients, starting a move to a sustainable business model. Helping organisations to think about how with how they go about collaborating within and beyond their businesses.

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We're growing. More clients and thus more consultants join our journey. We start to hold consultant retreats where we share and learn together about what we are doing in our practice. Our client relationships start to transition into sustainable long-term partnerships.

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Now working with multiple long term clients across Europe, we put our heads together to learn from our experiences so far. We understand and appreciate the value of the learning that emerges from our Community of Practice and explore how we can leverage this more.

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A growing group of international consultants who are interested in learning with and from each other through the experience of doing client work together. The quality and clarity of how we partner with clients in navigating uncertainty in a wise and practical way are emerging as the RISE point of difference.

How we work with organisations

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Our Leadership Team

Simon Preston

"I'm interested in the dual-dividend of the client's organisation flourishing and the individuals too. It continues to be an interesting learning journey."

Megan Taylor

"This work continues to challenge and shape the way I view people and how we work together - the messy reality of it all is intriguing, confusing and equally fun."

Gita Goldman

"I love experimenting with developmental approaches that embrace our messy reality and acknowledging that we are human beings, not machines"

Joanne Wood

"I like working within this community to challenge our assumptions, think critically and linger a moment longer in the discomfort that comes with this!"

Martin Wilderer

"How organisations think about and respond to the volatility of current market conditions and disruptive technologies fascinates me."

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Our Thinking

What organisations say about RISE

"The Rise team were excellent, which enabled our executive team to have
quality conversations much earlier than I would have expected."

Steve Johnson CEO

RISE has supported and enabled us to shift our culture to a more open, and accepting one. It has not been a quick process, this work takes time, but once you recognise this and can see how the process is starting to make shifts happen, you can see that over time and with the commitment it will and has transformed our ways of working.

Polly McAllester Leadership Director

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in my professional career over the past 3 years without the help of RISE.

The level of trust in our senior team has significantly improved and this has enabled the team to understand each other and the way that we interact and contribute to the team dynamic. Collaboration has never been better and we are now cascading the techniques throughout the organization.

Sam Dobson Operations Director